Hello I'm Denis

I'm a native french designer living in The Netherlands. I work for a decade on furniture, hospitality and art projects. My role is to bridge the gap between creatives and manufacturers. I provide the expertise to build concepts and transform ideas into tangible projects. Through the years, I've collaborated with a host of fantastic people, strengthening my ability to tackle complex projects.


Alphons ter Avest  |  DF Industrial  |  Frank Havermans  |  Ineke Hans  |  Jólan van der Wiel  |  KOP  |  RAAAF  |  Richard Hutten  |  Studio Noa Verhofstad  |  Tom Postma design  |  Visser&Meijwaard  |  Studio Hekla  |  Helldörfer Scheepsbouw

I help studios
visualise projects

I help artists
develop installations

I help manufacturers
build products