Denis Bacal is a designer focusing on partnerships

He provides his expertise to artists, craftsmen, design studios and architects

Using a wide range of skills, he delivers anything necessary to make each concept shine.







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The mission : Give shape to your idea together

from the concept...

Emerging ideas are the result of a methodical analytic process. First we apprehend the context, target the audience, and define they key problematic. These inputs are the foundation to produce a relevant concept.

3d modeling & rendering, Ineke Hans for Gebrüder Thonet Vienna
3d modeling & rendering, Ineke Hans for Gebrüder Thonet Vienna

to visualization...

We produce self-explanatory images to communicate potential designs. Whether it is a sketch or a high-resolution rendering, it is crucial that the content we deliver reflects the reality of the project.

and execution

The studio covers the whole design development. From the first sketch, to 3D model and prototypes. Not only we deliver production ready data, but also we supervise its implementation, to ensure the success of each project.