Artwork development

"KAPKAR GTO-B10" by Frank Havermans in Amsterdam.

© All images courtesy of Studio Frank Havermans. More details on the artist's website.


Dutch artist Frank Havermans was commissioned to make an installation for the event "Play Station Sloterdijk" an art festival in Amsterdam.


Initially conceived as a wooden sculpture, the decision was made to switch to steel for an extended lifespan. With a narrow timeframe from concept to to fabrication, schedule was the biggest challenge to ensure completion prior to the grand opening. 


Using artist mock-ups as a reference, I created a 3D model for engineering approval. Additionally, I generated 3D visuals and 2D technical drawings for the precise cutting of metal sheets and the assembly of the fabricated structure.

The artist meticulously crafted cardboard models that portrayed the envisioned installation.

The cardboard maquettes provided the initial foundation for the creation of the 3D digital model. They serve as a crucial reference and source of inspiration, guiding the development of the 3D digital representation of the installation.

Following multiple rounds of revision, a final 3D model is chosen for fabrication.

The design undergoes a process of texturing and visualization to showcase its appearance., allowing for a comprehensive assessment of its visual impact and harmony with the surrounding space. 

Our 3D digital model is forwarded to a qualified engineer for a thorough examination and subsequent approval prior to the commencement of the construction phase. This crucial step ensures that the design aligns with technical specifications, adheres to safety regulations, and meets the required standards, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient execution of the project.

 A set of 2D technical drawings are prepared for assembly, along with the generation of flatten CAD-files for metal-sheet cutting. 

Throughout the fabrication process, we maintain consistent communication and actively engage with both the artist and the metal builder. This collaborative approach ensures that the project progresses smoothly, allowing us to address any concerns, provide guidance, and ensure the accurate realization of the artwork.

On-site photographs highlighting the visual allure of the finished masterpiece, the intricate features and craftsmanship deployed by everyone to deliver this project.

© All images courtesy of Studio Frank Havermans. More details on the artist's website.

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